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NES-Health is a revolutionary new approach to evaluating and promoting clinical wellness. The NES system harmonizes the body’s bio-field, also known as the human body-field (HBF), using new discoveries made by biophysicist. NES has two basic parts: the wellness evaluation and the health program.
The Wellness Evaluation
The key ingredient to any health improvement program is an accurate assessment of the body’s current condition. In the NES protocol, we evaluate the body’s current state using a palm-sized body-field scanner. Once the client places his or her hand on the scanner, in matter of seconds the computer software assess a comprehensive array of 145 health indicators. The results from this completely safe and non-invasive process are instantly displayed on a computer screen and give integrity readings of key body systems, including:
    Body organs                         Nervous system
    Nutritional status                   Emotional balance    
    Acupuncture meridians         Joint issues
    Digestive system                   Body tissues
    Environmental toxins
Once we have a complete picture of your body’s health, we can then fashion a protocol to bring your system back to balance.
The Health Program
The NES health program offers a safe, natural and convenient way of clearing issues identified in the evaluation. Your NES practitioner will review the evaluation results and determine which body field corrective drops, known as Infoceuticals, are required to harmonize your personal body field and promote your wellness.
Biophysics has found that the human body-field (HBF) is responsible for regulating and integrating the human physical, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic and memory aspects. By correcting distortions in the HBF with Infoceuticals, the body’s natural maintenance, repair and healing mechanisms can function optimally. Working at this deep holistic level enables the body’s innate healing intelligence to naturally make positive changes in wellness and vitality at the physical, mental and emotional levels.
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